The Story of Hinde

MdM Polyclinic in Thessaloniki
May 30, 2017

Hinde comes from Syria and she visited the MdM Polyclinic in  Thessaloniki for her scheduled appointment with the gynecologist. With her seven children, they have been living in Greece for fifteen months, since February 2016. They passed from Turkey to Lesvos and they lived for six months in Lagadikia camp before they were transferred to an apartment in Thessaloniki through the UNHCR Accommodation Scheme.

Nowadays, she is waiting for her family to join the family reunification program for Germany where her husband and her sister are already living. She is really glad that the family will be united again and she expects with patience the final  date of their departure from Greece as they have already completed all the necessary procedures.

Unfortunately, her 25-year-old son, the oldest of her children, cannot join the family reunification program with the rest of the family, because he is already an adult. Hinde is worried about his future every day because he is suffering from a permanent mobility problem and when she will be in Germany there will be no one next to him for his daily care.

Despite the agony that she is experiencing for her child's future and the trip to their new home, she notes that one of the most important things is that she lives in dignity lately in Greece. Hinde and her children visit the MdM Polyclinic for their regular examinations, something that she considers a "great relief", as she said.

‍Accommodation and Services scheme for relocation candidates and vulnerable asylum seekers supported by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Funded by European Commission - Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations - ECHO

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